Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Interesting Fact About My Country

Here in Indonesia, bicycle (in general) is a very cheap vehicle that majority people could have. That's why, if you ever live or just travel to any city or even village in Indonesia, you will most likely find someone using it on the street. Some of them ride it because they care about the environment, other people ride it because it's trending, and a lot of people ride it for their life. They work with it. And for them, their bicycle is everything..
That first man is a tailor, we call them "Tukang Jahit Keliling". He ride around one or two housing to get some customers, bringing a table with a sewing machine inside. 
Remember a man that ride with a huge bunch of grass behind his bike on my post here? Now this is the illustration of it. These kind of man usually bring grass or straw to feed their cows or lambs. 
And this is "Tukang Siomay", a man that sells various of dumplings. Carrying a little stove in the right box to keep the dumplings hot, plates and forks in the other box and also a bucket of water to wash used plates, and some sauces on the back. Can you imagine how heavy it is..??

Well, that is only 3 of so many people in Indonesia that use bicycle to hang on their life. What a hard worker..

All of the illustrations belongs to Sartje of Lange Vakantie on this post.


  1. I use my bike mainly for transportation. It is a folding bike, which means I can take it just about anywhere - inside, on a train, on the bus. I don't know how I'd get around without it

    1. Nice.. Let me guess, you live in Europe?
      I heard some cities in Europe have a high tolerance for cyclist, I really want to go there someday. It would be nice to be able to get around with your bike everywhere.

  2. The BE comes standard with painted wheels and front and rear fenders and the white/grey version has painted spokes too, giving it a very clean and classy

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