Sunday, January 23, 2011

Magnetic Yellow Card

So I guess I was really late for this magnetic yellow card.. I was Tumblr-walking when I found this big dazzling yellow tag on someone's page, read it and tried to find the concept maker, then Mr.Google brought me to this site and surprised me by knowing that he made it in 2004 and it was an open source project so everyone could produce their own magnetic card as many as they would like to. Well thanks to Peter Miller because I think this is a great great idea..!! :D

Should I make the Indonesian version of it? I have googling about it but didn't find any article related to it, I have never seen it anywhere here in Indonesia, so I think nobody has ever produce it. Do you think this project could help to make the driver have more respect over the cyclist?? Hmmmm.. We'll see..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jiro Belt

So you love your bike so much? How about the tires?? Some people at Jiro Belt do love them so much that they could make the old ones became the good ones.. Check this cool stuff they have..

Yeah they're making belts, key chains and even bracelets from the old tires.. Lookin good huh? See if you want some of them here..

Cilok For Breakfast

Do you know?? Cilok is one of the traditional Sundanese snack. Kinda similar with bakso or meatball, and you can eat them with the sauce. Actually, it's not a great one but it taste quite good. You should try it when you come to Bandung. Anyway, we had it last Sunday at the car free day on Dago - Bandung, hoooooo..




Monday, January 17, 2011

January 2011

Hi there cyclist..

Finally had time for (not really) enjoying the car free day.. I mean, how could you enjoy it when the people are just walking super slowly on that big big road without even pay attention to the others around them (especially the cyclist)??  Seriously, I barely couldn't cycling there..
Just look at these crowd..

I saw this cute little pair of skates and I was really really want them..!! But I guess they wouldn't have my size, hehee..
cfd 01

And there were some pinky girly thingy.. From fixie to the city bike..
cfd 02

cfd 03
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