Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Public Bikes

I'm in love with this mixte and step-thru from Public bikes..
Those blue M8 and white C7 are sooo cute!! :D


Now hold your breath! See how cool is this Bamboo Fender Set..!!

Wanna know what else that PUBLIC have? Visit their website here.
So, what kind of bike do you like? You can also see this guidelines to find what bike that could suit you. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Add: Pink

To your saddle.. (I love this pink Brooks by the way :))

To the whole bike..

Or bring some pink stuff to brighten up your day..

 What color is your favorite? Mind to share?? Feel free to left a comment or two.. ;)

Image source: Pinterest

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Funny Little Helmets

I was so in love with this series of helmet, especially the eagle one! It just match the color of my Pixy! hihiii.. XD  Too bad they don't have my size. There are only kids sizes, hiks..  :(

*all photos was taken at Ace Hardware Bandung - Indonesia

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bike Design Competition

It's the 2nd Polygon International Bike Design Competition! Visit polygonbikedesign for more information.. Good luck with your submissions..!! ;)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hike Up, Cycle Down

Like hiking so much but in love with downhill cycling? Now see this cool product from Bergmönch that you might love to have..

See those hiking backpacks? Looks like they bring a folding bike on it. But the truth is.. this backpack..
Could be transformed into a downhill bike just like this..

Cool isn't it..??!
Click here for more info.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fashion Blogger On A Bike

Meet one of my daily Fash-Blogroll Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate And Mint.. 
She was cycling around Kota Tua Jakarta with her friends and a cute rent bike, pink!

I haven't see Kota Tua by myself but after seeing this, I probably will visit it soon. Just look at these picture I got from Diana's blog! They have some bike rent with super cute colorful city bikes.. Actually I'm not kinda pink girl but I really think that those pinky bikes are adorable! hahaaa.. Ooohh, and they come with a cute hat too! Wanna ride 'em up..!! XD
All of the pictures are belong to Diana Rikasari

Monday, July 18, 2011

Girl Rules!

Watched this video of Juliet Elliot on YouTube couple months ago, I was so amazed that I forgot to put it here until now, heheeee..

She must have got so many bruises to get those skills..
source: deadnotgone at YouTube

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Women Do Love Shoes!

Lack of post because lots of thing happened.. (-_-!)
But after all, I'm still cycling.. (^o^)

I went to Fact!, an exhibition that was held in my college by the students of Art & Design Department, and found this pairs of cute little shoes on one of the stand. It's one of the Product Design student's project. Meet the designer, Kustri @ningcu who has made this shoes look irresistible. Too cute to be ignored.. :D

shoes fixie girl

She named it Chix. Catchy huh? C for Chix!
Anyway, she designed this flat shoes for female fixie riders. Made of  twill fabric with laser printed ornaments, comfortable for cycling and walking, and they came with feminine colors. Interesting? Go ask the designer for the price and other things to have one or more pair of them! Who knows if they could come with your own favorite color??! ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Get A Fixie!

I entered a local contest today, held by Pocari Sweat Indonesia. The winner would get a fixie bike for free. (I kinda hope the winner could get a mountain bike but that's ok,hehee.. :P)

So, mind to vote for mine? You can click this link, register (so simple, just your e-mail, ID and password), click the blue-vote-button, and...done! ;)
This is how my bike looks like..

Thanks for voting..!! Yaaaayyy..!! \(^o^)/

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cycling and C-wing

Hey hooo..!!

Ow my God! It's been a long time since my last post. I've been a 'lil bit busy doing this and that, trying to do something that I used to do it a lot few years ago.. one of my hobby.. cooking!! hahahaa.. :D I didn't really have much times for cook when I was in college because of those continuous tasks. Now that I finished it and have more time for doing some experiments. ;)

Anyway, I'm going to show you this awesome short movie that I got from Jaime from peSeta in Spain. But first of all, this is just popped out of my brain, do you happen to know what is the similarity between cycling and sewing? They both can be write on with a capital C.. "Cycling" and "C-wing".. Hahahaa.. :P kidding..
No, I mean it, they do have something similar on their bodies (I mean the bicycle and the sewing machine), they both have gears! :D

So, what's up with the gears? This cool guys from peSeta in Madrid came with an idea of connected their bicycle to an old sewing machine to sew a bicycle cap. Wondering how? See this interesting film that Jaime sent me..

Jaime told me that his brother gave him the idea and proposed for a director, then Jaime proposed it to the New Museum of New York City, and they were really into it. After all, here it is, the collaboration from peSeta for the New Museum of NWC shop; a series of bike caps, that come in a round cheese box with bilingual labels and a DVD of the action. Come and find them in the New Museum shop in New York (235 Bowery).

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pixy And Her Friends

Hey hoo..!!
Long time no see. Sorry for the lack of the post here, I've been busy with some stuff lately.. --___--

Anyway, my uni got a new bicycle parking lot, yaaaayy..!! ^o^
My friend designed one for his assignment, and had an agreement with the uni to put his product in front of the Product Design Department building. So here it is..

bicycle parking 01

bicycle parking 02

It's nice, isn't it..? :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Magnetic Yellow Card

So I guess I was really late for this magnetic yellow card.. I was Tumblr-walking when I found this big dazzling yellow tag on someone's page, read it and tried to find the concept maker, then Mr.Google brought me to this site and surprised me by knowing that he made it in 2004 and it was an open source project so everyone could produce their own magnetic card as many as they would like to. Well thanks to Peter Miller because I think this is a great great idea..!! :D

Should I make the Indonesian version of it? I have googling about it but didn't find any article related to it, I have never seen it anywhere here in Indonesia, so I think nobody has ever produce it. Do you think this project could help to make the driver have more respect over the cyclist?? Hmmmm.. We'll see..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jiro Belt

So you love your bike so much? How about the tires?? Some people at Jiro Belt do love them so much that they could make the old ones became the good ones.. Check this cool stuff they have..

Yeah they're making belts, key chains and even bracelets from the old tires.. Lookin good huh? See if you want some of them here..

Cilok For Breakfast

Do you know?? Cilok is one of the traditional Sundanese snack. Kinda similar with bakso or meatball, and you can eat them with the sauce. Actually, it's not a great one but it taste quite good. You should try it when you come to Bandung. Anyway, we had it last Sunday at the car free day on Dago - Bandung, hoooooo..




Monday, January 17, 2011

January 2011

Hi there cyclist..

Finally had time for (not really) enjoying the car free day.. I mean, how could you enjoy it when the people are just walking super slowly on that big big road without even pay attention to the others around them (especially the cyclist)??  Seriously, I barely couldn't cycling there..
Just look at these crowd..

I saw this cute little pair of skates and I was really really want them..!! But I guess they wouldn't have my size, hehee..
cfd 01

And there were some pinky girly thingy.. From fixie to the city bike..
cfd 02

cfd 03
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