Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hike Up, Cycle Down

Like hiking so much but in love with downhill cycling? Now see this cool product from Bergmönch that you might love to have..

See those hiking backpacks? Looks like they bring a folding bike on it. But the truth is.. this backpack..
Could be transformed into a downhill bike just like this..

Cool isn't it..??!
Click here for more info.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fashion Blogger On A Bike

Meet one of my daily Fash-Blogroll Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate And Mint.. 
She was cycling around Kota Tua Jakarta with her friends and a cute rent bike, pink!

I haven't see Kota Tua by myself but after seeing this, I probably will visit it soon. Just look at these picture I got from Diana's blog! They have some bike rent with super cute colorful city bikes.. Actually I'm not kinda pink girl but I really think that those pinky bikes are adorable! hahaaa.. Ooohh, and they come with a cute hat too! Wanna ride 'em up..!! XD
All of the pictures are belong to Diana Rikasari

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