Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday Is A Car Free Day

So, it's my first day joined the Car Free Day in town. Here in Bandung, we are having it every Sunday morning to 10 a.m. Well yeah, it's a short time but I think it's enough for a starter, I hope everyone in this town could started to have an eye for the cyclist.. ^^
Anyway, my bike was just got back from the workshop and I'm ready for cycling again, yaaaiiyy..!! XD

Gather together with friends and family..

purple and yellow
One of my favorite.. The woman on purple and yellow fixie..

some fixie men
Some fixie men with their fixie style.. folding up the jeans..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Better Together

I went to Pasar Seni ITB last Sunday with @widyaatika.. had lunch at the new Japanese restaurant with her and some more girls.. then walked down on Dago street sidewalk and met this 2 young girls with their bikes..

Together 01
They are too cute to be ignored.. ^^

Together 02
See ya gals later..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday Evening

It was Saturday.. Evening.. At the uni.. And everybody were just having fun with their own bike..

Itchy hand
Paused for scratching the itchy hand ^^!

Texting.. Oh hey, it's another red rear rim..

And smiling to people around..

Friday, October 8, 2010

C Is For Classic!

I was inside an angkot (a public transportation here in Bandung) when I saw this man riding on his classic bicycle with a white simple outfit and a little red handmade bag.

Friday, October 1, 2010

B for Bandung, Bike, and Black

Meet Sats after work..
He is a lecturer and designer at the same time. You might rarely seen a man on a bike with this neat and chic style here in Bandung, since those young executive out there prefer to use a motorbike or a car rather than cycling to his office. ^^

The Begining

Well.. Here I am, started to cycling (again) since I got Pixy, my fixed gear bike that built up by my BF couple weeks ago..

Then I started to blog about it and everything interesting about cycling and cyclist in Bandung and some other city in Indonesia ever since.

My biggest inspiration is the Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Amazed with the city of cyclist that can not be separated from a chic style. Makes me realize that cycling could also be really cool, haha.. I would really love to be there someday.. :D

Anyway, enjoy my blog with some of my artworks and I do love to hear your thought of any post here. So, feel free to leave some comments on every post!! ^_^

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