Monday, December 27, 2010

Web Cycle

There was a Product Design Award and exhibition at Itenas (National Institute Of Technology) - Bandung last week. They organize the exhibition once a year, and this year they named it "Wilde Gedachten". Well actually, I'm not going to write about the whole exhibition, but there was something interesting that you might wanna see.

Since Itenas has a lot of cyclist, the committee of PDA made some special spots for the product design students, alumni and lecturer to show off their bike..

At Wilde Gedachten Exhibition 01

At Wilde Gedachten Exhibition 02

At Wilde Gedachten Exhibition 03

Sorry for the lack of the pictures, I was quite busy at our accessories booth and forgot to take some pictures on the second and third level. Actually, there were so many bicycles on the other spots. I'll ask my friends if they had some..

Have a great day..!! :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Just The Two Of Us

Bicycle parking lot is rare in Bandung, so don't forget to bring your bicycle lock everywhere you go..

Bicycle parking lot @ Paris Van Java mall Bandung.

Wall beside motorcycle parking lot @ The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier Bandung.

CIMB Niaga Bank @ Dago St. Bandung.

Starbucks Coffee - Bandung Indah Plaza, Bandung.
I have a note on this one.. We parked in the motorcycle parking lot once, couple weeks ago. Sorry to say but I thought it was not worthy. Then we were wondering if we could put our bike in front of one of the store or in front of the mall. So we tried it out last Sunday, and we were just about to put them beside the fences while a security guard came and told us to park in the motorcycle parking lot. But when we were going to move them, another security guard (seems like he is a senior) came and told us that it's OK to park our bike there.. Aaaawww.. Thanks a bunch..!! :D

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tough People In A Small Town

A woman with her daughter and an umbrella..

A man with a huge bunch of grass.. I believe it's for his cattle..

Short Trip To Semarang - 2 ^^

It's Sunday morning in Semarang, the capital city of Center Java, Indonesia.

At first I was wondered why Semarang doesn't have a car free day like Jakarta and Bandung. But then I got the answer when I was looking at the street that morning.. They don't need a car free day because there are a lot of cyclists in Semarang! It's nice to see people went here and there by cycling like.. everyday..!! :)

And this father with his two daughters is my favorite.. I love their bike too.. :D

Friday, December 10, 2010

Short Trip To Semarang

It's been a long time since the last time I'm out of the town, and finally I got the chance to traveling..
I just got back from my trip to Semarang last weekend with my family and Sats. We went there by car, through some other towns. There were so many interesting views along the road.

We past through a town named Brebes..
The map between Bandung and Semarang, and the A-point is Brebes..
It was on the morning, and there we can find so many people cycling to go to work, to school, and to the traditional market..

Brebes 01
A guy that came across our car.. I love his old bicycle, wish I had one..

Brebes 02
Brebes 03
Some men tied up a hoe behind their bike, I think they were going to the field. In Brebes, people do farming. One of their product is the red onion.

Brebes 04
I wonder which one is older, the old man or his bicycle..

Brebes 05
I guess this woman bring those two baskets everyday, to the market, and might be full with red onions..

Brebes 06
Hustle.. At the traditional market..

Oooppss.. It's 1 a.m already and my bed is waiting. So I guess I will post the rest of my quick trip's snapshot latter.. Still got plenty of pictures when I was in Semarang.. Just wait and see.. ;)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And C for Chocolate ;)

So, after a constantly rainy days in Bandung, me and Sats decided to cycling on the bright bright Sunday morning and search for a place to have a couple cups of coffee and some snacks.. :D
There are lots of people cycling on Sunday. Some are taking part of a bicycle event, and you could see so many people with the same t-shirt along the road after the event is done..
And some are just enjoying the car free day (from 6a.m to 10a.m) on every Sunday morning.. and after that, they go back with their bike tied on the back of the car..
We decided to have breakfast at The Harvest. It was our first time to go there. They have great chocolate buns, lots of cheese cake and so many kind of chocolate there. But Bandung is still Bandung, rain will always comes during November even when the sun is shine brightly in the morning. We had to wait couple hours until the rain stop.

And we were just about to continue our Sunday cycling time when the rain drops again so we have to pull over. It was quite heavy and we were worried so much about our bike back then..

Monday, November 8, 2010

5 Best Cities For Cycling In Asia

I came across this article couple weeks ago when I was wondering where in Asia should I stay if I want to cycling comfortable and safely, with some bicycle-friendly people along the road. As Tiffany Lam write, here are 5 best biking cities in Asia.. and I add some more link to some tour guide websites, in case you are going to travel to these cities.. ^_^

1. Kyoto
One thing that stands out to a first-time visitor to Kyoto is how everyone seems to commute by bicycle. Every morning, heavily made-up girls in miniskirts and salary-men whiz through the city’s narrow streets, some carrying passengers.

It’s easy to see why cycling is popular here. Kyoto is mostly flat and traffic is orderly. Plenty of alleyways make for quick shortcuts. The city’s grid pattern makes it’s hard to get lost. Roads slope slightly upward as you head north, but the incline is manageable.

Kyoto Cycling Tour Project offers tour packages and cycling information for tourists, and Cycle Kyoto is another reference site for tourist and commuters.

Kyoto to Nara Bike Route in Arashiyama
2. Beijing

Asia's first city of cycling is renowned these days for its growing automobile traffic -- but the infrastructure for cyclists here is still the best in Asia.

Bike lanes cover nearly every inch of the city. What's more, small repair shops can be found on nearly every street, and shops selling cheap, secondhand bikes are legion.

For the timid, safety can be a concern. Helmets are nonexistent and Beijing's breakneck biker veterans often exhibit an alarming disregard for traffic regulations.

Those wanting to ease into the flow might first wheel through Beijing's hutongs to get a feel for the old road.

The labyrinth-like hutongs near Yonghegong are a great place to start. Once inside the maze, you’ll deal with less traffic, giving you plenty of time to see the sites -- locals hanging laundry among bird cages, elderly women peddling vegetables, men playing chess on corners.

Beijing-based travel agency The China Guide offers hutong bike tours.
You can also travel by the bike to exploring Beijing with Bike Beijing, they have some bike tour that looks interesting.

Bike Beijing Shop
3. Kaohsiung
"Kaohsiung is the most bike-friendly city in Taiwan." That's been one of the city government’s favorite lines for the past two years. And it's actually true.

Kaohsiung has a growing network of bike lanes that currently adds up to 150 kilometers -- not bad in a nation known for scooters and busy streets. Kaohsiung is also the first city in Taiwan to offer self-serviced bike rental kiosks to the public.

The service, known as C-bike, is available at 50 rental stations around the city. Prices start at NT$30 for the first half hour; riders pay NT$15 more for subsequent half-hours. The C-bike official website has detailed maps of the city’s cycling routes and rental details.

If you’re planning a two-to-four day trip from Kaohsiung, we suggest that you ride out toward Taitung City via the scenic South Cross-Island Highway.

4. Jeju
As anyone who has biked there will tell you, the island of Jeju is the best place in South Korea to take a ride. The island is surrounded by smooth, continuous cycle tracks that run for 182 kilometers, and has gorgeous natural scenery. Traffic is light in Jeju, and the mild coastal climate makes cycling a breeze.

Flanked by bike lanes on both sides, Highway 12 circumnavigates the island. A round-island trip will take three to five days to complete. Bike rentals can be found near the bus terminal at Jeju City and Yongduam Rock.

Discover the magical nature of Jejo with Jejueco.

5. Singapore
Cars may still be most Singaporean’s ride of choice -- this is the home of the legendary F1 night race, after all -- but there’s no denying the city’s biking culture is growing.

For the past year, Singapore's government has been actively promoting cycling as a mode of transport, not simply a leisure activity. To back that up, it’s been building a network of bike lanes on the city’s main roads that is expanding weekly.

Dedicated cycling paths will be in place in seven towns in Singapore by 2014. For the time being, we like the ones near parks like East Coast and Bishan Park.

I'm sorry but there's no link for a tour in Singapore but here is a link to the Singapore Cycling Forum if there is something you would like to know about cycling in this city.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday Is A Car Free Day

So, it's my first day joined the Car Free Day in town. Here in Bandung, we are having it every Sunday morning to 10 a.m. Well yeah, it's a short time but I think it's enough for a starter, I hope everyone in this town could started to have an eye for the cyclist.. ^^
Anyway, my bike was just got back from the workshop and I'm ready for cycling again, yaaaiiyy..!! XD

Gather together with friends and family..

purple and yellow
One of my favorite.. The woman on purple and yellow fixie..

some fixie men
Some fixie men with their fixie style.. folding up the jeans..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Better Together

I went to Pasar Seni ITB last Sunday with @widyaatika.. had lunch at the new Japanese restaurant with her and some more girls.. then walked down on Dago street sidewalk and met this 2 young girls with their bikes..

Together 01
They are too cute to be ignored.. ^^

Together 02
See ya gals later..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday Evening

It was Saturday.. Evening.. At the uni.. And everybody were just having fun with their own bike..

Itchy hand
Paused for scratching the itchy hand ^^!

Texting.. Oh hey, it's another red rear rim..

And smiling to people around..

Friday, October 8, 2010

C Is For Classic!

I was inside an angkot (a public transportation here in Bandung) when I saw this man riding on his classic bicycle with a white simple outfit and a little red handmade bag.

Friday, October 1, 2010

B for Bandung, Bike, and Black

Meet Sats after work..
He is a lecturer and designer at the same time. You might rarely seen a man on a bike with this neat and chic style here in Bandung, since those young executive out there prefer to use a motorbike or a car rather than cycling to his office. ^^

The Begining

Well.. Here I am, started to cycling (again) since I got Pixy, my fixed gear bike that built up by my BF couple weeks ago..

Then I started to blog about it and everything interesting about cycling and cyclist in Bandung and some other city in Indonesia ever since.

My biggest inspiration is the Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Amazed with the city of cyclist that can not be separated from a chic style. Makes me realize that cycling could also be really cool, haha.. I would really love to be there someday.. :D

Anyway, enjoy my blog with some of my artworks and I do love to hear your thought of any post here. So, feel free to leave some comments on every post!! ^_^

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