Sunday, July 10, 2011

Women Do Love Shoes!

Lack of post because lots of thing happened.. (-_-!)
But after all, I'm still cycling.. (^o^)

I went to Fact!, an exhibition that was held in my college by the students of Art & Design Department, and found this pairs of cute little shoes on one of the stand. It's one of the Product Design student's project. Meet the designer, Kustri @ningcu who has made this shoes look irresistible. Too cute to be ignored.. :D

shoes fixie girl

She named it Chix. Catchy huh? C for Chix!
Anyway, she designed this flat shoes for female fixie riders. Made of  twill fabric with laser printed ornaments, comfortable for cycling and walking, and they came with feminine colors. Interesting? Go ask the designer for the price and other things to have one or more pair of them! Who knows if they could come with your own favorite color??! ;)

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